Cooking With a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

You are looking for the top slow cookers for yourself, aren’t you? Let’s try considering a Hamilton beach slow cooker – a product for simple cooking. Looking at its style and appearance, this model is fashionable with the majority of kitchens. There is also a reason why many housewives enjoy select it for their kitchen space. Because of meeting the most basic demand of people, the manufacturers have released this product that is flexible with any household. When you have owned this model in your kitchen, this article will bring to the benefits to you. On the contrary, you do not have the Hamilton beach slow cooker, through this article, you can consider purchasing one. It will show you the advantages that you can get from this cooker. Let’s learn together!

Hamilton beach slow cooker

#1. Saving time

One of the essential things cannot use the money in order to buy, which is time. It only needs to have time – you are able to do plenty of objects effectively. Nevertheless, everything will become minor whether you try to do all, once you lose time. It can say that time is very necessary. In particular, with this altering life, time is considered as gold. To race against time, the majority of people selects the spot meal, the fast food, or the packed foods. This one is due to the busy work schedule – the volume of work is occasionally double or even triple, so a luscious meal with your relatives and friends is not easy to perform. On the other hand, you should also know that a few of the foods contain the excessive preservative substance and sodium when you buy them in order to carry on. Nevertheless, at the moment, you will be able to enjoy your hearty meals with the Hamilton beach slow cooker even you are busy with your work in the office.

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Ceramic cookware: we tell you everything!

For about 3 years, a new coating has appeared and invaded gradually cookware shelves. Called ceramic coating, gives it ecological qualities and more, without danger to health. In short, we were told in a way the end of the reign Teflon®.
Ceramic cookware: revolutionary of ceramic cookware and sacred selling points
ceramic cookware
Read more about what is a ceramic cookware: the revolutionary
Real green revolution in the field of non-stick coatings, the promises concerning this type of cookware is rife. And it is true that the arguments were particularly attractive: Continue reading →

Non-stick coating cookware and how to maintain

Saying that nonstick cookwares have revolutionized is not an exaggeration. The ability to bake, cook without wasting hours to get rid of burnt-on food from the cooking result is the biggest advantage of this technology. Following content is the reason why you should choose this kind of cookware and a few simple tips on cleaning and operation to keep the nonstick coating in your cookware in top condition for years.

What are the benefits of using nonstick cookware?

When choosing cookware for your kitchen, a variety of styles and materials are available. Nonstick cookware is a popular choice. These pots and pans are treated with a special coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface during cooking. If you still wonder about the purchase of a nonstick pot or pan for your kitchen, you should make sure it is the right for your needs and habits. Continue reading →

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My First Week at Fatted Calf

With the grand opening of Fatted Calf Charcuterie’s first San Francisco outlet occurring less than a week ago, things at the store are still somewhat hectic as the dozen or so new team members (myself included) that were hired familiarize themselves with the new digs. For people like myself with limited retail experience on their resume, there has also been a need to become familiar with operating in a customer-facing business. Not that it’s exactly rocket-science, but it is still very different from working in a seated position at a desk while staring blankly at a computer for a whole day.

In addition to learning general operating policies and procedures, new Fatted Calf team members have also had a staggering assortment of tasty products to become intimately familiar with. This sampling of products in the display case from last Saturday night doesn’t fully represent the countless varieties of fresh sausages, cured meats and custom cuts that are on display in a given week.

Fatted Calf 1

It is not uncommon to rotate in new products throughout the day, so what’s available in the case can change over the course of a few hours and we are required to be able to discuss the finer points of just about everything on sale. It’s a lot to digest but so far I think I’m enjoying working at the store (I’m not just saying this because my employers may be reading this). In a departure from my previous jobs, I’m really enjoying being in a position to talk all day about something that I love – meat (really good meat) – and get paid to do so. Not only do I enjoy talking about meat, so do all of the customers that come to the store. We’ve been receiving great feedback from both Fatted Calf regular customers and residents of Hayes Valley (and the entire city of SF for that matter); people are really excited that we are in the neighborhood. My SF friends are excited too and some have been kind enough to visit me at the store to sample our meats. Continue reading →

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Sausage Making Class – Part 2

Now comes sausage stuffing time.

sausage making class3

The meat is loaded into the sausage stuffer (which is actually bolted down to the counter), the sausage stuffing tube is screwed into place, then the pig intestines are threaded onto the tube.

sausage making class4

While not necessary available at your local megamart, pig intestines are available from a number of speciality retailers. The ones that Frank purchases have been thoroughly cleaned and packed in salt as a preservative method. All they need is a rinse and an hour-long soak in cold water (to wash away the salt and make them pliable) before they can be used. Yes, I can totally appreciate the fact that pig intestines might make some folks squeamish and yes, I will admit that they are a little slimy, but really, handling them is no big deal. They’re totally clean and no more slimy than something like raw chicken or a fish fillet. Continue reading →

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Sausage Making Class – Part 1

One of the greatest things about being back in the Bay Area is that it serves as home to a large community of do-it-yourself food enthusiasts that love getting up close and personal with their food. From home-brewing to whole-hog-butchering, if you can think of it, you have a great chance of finding a class out here that will teach you how to make it. I have seen countless classes that I would love to be able to take, unfortunately, time and budget are two obstacles that I encounter frequently. Two Sundays ago, the wife and I had the good fortune of attending a sausage-making class run by sausage-maker extraordinaire Frank Felice. Frank’s family has been making their own sausage for generations and he happily passes along his wealth of knowledge to small groups of eager students a few Sundays a month, operating his classes out of a small annex of his Alameda house.

Over the course of a few hours, Frank shared his sausage making know-how and enthusiasm with the class, going over the sausage-making process in depth and allowing students to try their hands at sausage stuffing. After the hands-on portion of class, the students, Frank and his partner Marilyn sat down and enjoyed a traditional Italian style family dinner featuring many different home-made sausage creations and some excellent red wine. You can find more information about the class by checking out their web site but I will say that both the wife and I left the class feeling like we were eager to try making our own vareities of fresh sausage at home and would highly recommend taking one of Frank’s classes if you can.

Good sausage begins with freshly ground meat.

sausage making class

Frank begins by slicling a small section of boneless pork shoulder into strips. He then feeds the strips into his industrial-strength meat grinder, which makes quick work of the pork. Pork shoulder is a great cut to use for sausage making purposes because it contains a fair amount of fat, which is just what a good sausage needs. Continue reading →

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Trimming a Ham


My humblest apologies for taking another lengthy break between blog updates. A lot has happened in the last few weeks as I continue to figure out what I’m supposed to do with all of my wonderful culinary training. For now, I’m happy to say that I’m still working at the Fatted Calf store in San Francisco. The store’s been open a little over two months and business has been good, especially as we ramp up for the holiday season. The other day we took delivery of about 50 turkeys ordered on behalf of our hungry customers. Continue reading →

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Hello world!

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