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When a bee colony is situated in an undesirable place, whether it is near your house, in or near your yard or in your place of business, choosing live removal as opposed to extermination is a secure and eco-responsible option. All too often, Property owners insist on immediate destruction of bee populations if they are too close to houses or recreation areas. But most folks do not realize exactly how vital these creatures are to our food chain. It is estimated that as much as one third of the world’s food plants rely on pollination by honeybees so as to bear fruit. The frightening fact is that worldwide, the bee population is in steep decline. While scientists blame everything from pesticides to parasites, nobody appears to really know what is causing the insects’ decimation.

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Since we obviously want these creatures to maintain our crops, why do so many individuals feel the need to kill them so as to remove them the threat of the aggressive Africanized bees is diminishing as they interbreed with our docile varieties? The simple fact is that the most beneficial insects cannot always be permitted to settle anywhere they choose. Attics, walls, roofs, bushes, and trees might be a little too close for comfort for the majority of us. Fortunately, humane, Eco-responsible bee removal companies exist which relocates these creatures, their hives and honeycombs without causing the cave creek scorpion control of the colony. Experienced bee catchers would not merely relocate the bees – they will also get rid of the honeycomb and the hive, and fix the structure to discourage future colonies. If the honeycomb is not entirely eliminated with the hive, it may melt in the construction, staining and potentially damaging it.

The honey smell will attract different swarms of bees in addition to rodents, moths, and other insects. Experienced removal providers are aware that a thorough clean-out is critical to stop re-infestation and other potential issues. Eventually scientists will need to ascertain whether mankind has been directly or indirectly responsible for the decrease in the population of a few of our beneficial insects. Meanwhile, let’s not kill any more of those insects unnecessarily. Because these small creatures are usually non-threatening to people, and they play such an essential part in food production, humane bee removal is the safe, eco-responsible alternative. Some bee removal companies offer to relocate colonies free of additional charge to beekeepers throughout the country.